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Or Arieli People & Change

Or is an exceptional, international HR Executive leader with a strong record of consistently achieving substantial organizational development goals within extremely complex operations.
She brings extensive experience in the creation and successful implementation of HR methodologies and development strategies at the global level together with the direction of cross-functional, multi-cultural teams. She has the natural ability to identify and cultivate key people and drive outstanding performance, combined with an entrepreneurial personality that thrives on challenge.
She constantly seeks out key “People & Change” projects, within dynamic organizations, that wish to maximize their market potential.


Senior HR & Management & Talent Development Consultant Lecturer, writer (freelance)


VP, HR Head of Osem Group-Nestle (2006-2012)

Revenue: USD1 Billion , Employees: 4,900

Leading HR function as an active and effective Business Partner by shaping HR Strategy and HR leadership of the group and setting HR standards and procedures to support achievement of business objectives.

Leading the implementation of Nestlé HR methodologies, HR Best Practices and Organizational Excellence in all areas, especially supporting the Operations function and its factories to implement Excellence by taking on the true role of leadership and partnership.


Preparing the organization for change management processes by being involved in developing plans to meet the organization's business needs in all areas such as integration of units and processes, restructuring, personnel issues, technology projects, etc. Developing and implementing Talent Management strategy, policy and processes such as: Performance Evaluation, Talent Assessment, Succession Planning, Performance Improvement Plan, 360 Feedback etc.


Director of the HR Development Dept., Clalit Health Services (Israel’s largest and leading HMO) (2003-2005) Responsibilities included:

Managing the Organizational Training Centre, Training and Management Development, recruitment, personal development, internal communication, research and assessment


Lieutenant Colonel (ret), Israel Defense Forces (Until 2002)

Military service, covering a variety of command, training and headquarters senior roles


Expert in‭:

  • HR Strategy & Creating Employees Engagement

  • Change Management in varied areas: IT & Structural & Organizational & Managerial

  • Organizational Development (OD)

  • Talent Management

  • Career Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Organizational Excellence (LEAN, TPM etc.)

  • Mergers and Acquisitions- HR Due Diligence

  • Corporate Professional Responsibility & Roles & Duties

  • Global Management Best Practices & Methodologies


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