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״ I worked with Or in her capacity as external consultant to one of our internal audit teams. She has a holistic approach to the issues discussed, based on wide experience in large organizations. It was a pleasure working with her. Or gave us added value and new insights into our work.״


Margalit Sperber, Chief Internal Comptroller, Tnuva 

״I am happy to give Or my unreserved recommendation for the work she has done while we were working on a joint project. Or has accompanied us during the construction of one of the strategic services of our company, while providing ongoing support, and striving for uncompromisingly professional results throughout the process. Her vast experience has been evident from the outset. Or has identified the areas where we needed to change so that we would be able to express our competencies and strengths and make that leap required to get us to the next professional stage that was so necessary for the Company. Or is a true partner who can contribute greatly to senior executives in any organization.״


Dror Litbak, Business Development VP, ManpowerGroup Solutions

״I have had the pleasure of working with Or for the last five years as a partner with the HR team at the Osem headquarters, in the development and accompaniment of executives, teams and managements. Or is a wonderful business partner, who sees HR strategically - in the business context. She is motivated by a clear vision - where she wants to take the organization, and by the clarity of core values like renovation and integrity. Or possesses natural strengths, which has furthered her success in key HR positions in Israel: her ability to recognize the uniqueness of the people around her and to attain the maximum from them, creativity and ideation in general and in HR in particular, her love of learning and absorbing every detail without losing a drop, and executional ability at the highest level. And with all this – Or is human, open, pleasant and bright, and in short - a great partner."


Gali Hacarmeli, Team and Executive Development Expert,
Above & Beyond

״I have known Or for many years, ever since she was discharged from a senior position in the Israeli army and was deliberating her future and the possibility of continuing to PhD studies. Later, we met while I consulted for the Clalit Health Care center in Tel Aviv, where she was employed in a very senior HR position.
I have had the opportunity to follow her professional development over many years, including her work at Nestle, where she led the entire HR force. The speed with which Or advanced in the organization, and the esteem she received, both from the organization's managers and from her employees, is extremely impressive. Or stood out among managers in the Israeli professional community as one who invested in thought and understanding the subjects of her work. She has excellent analytical abilities and a strategic view of the profession. Her professional approach has made her a sought-after lecturer at professional meetings and active in professional circles at a very high level.
She is tenacious, consistent in thought and clear in performance. Or has invested much in the performance of her job. She is thorough and inquisitive, and is willing to take chances while searching for professional challenges and personal development. She is as willing to invest in the development and realization of the potential of her employees. I sincerely recommend employing Or in a leading HR position. I have no doubt in my mind that she will be an organizational asset and provide her employers with a professional approach, the ability to reason and strategic insight."



Prof Ilan Meshoulam, Chairman of the Board of Israel Human Resource Society.

״Or is one of the most skilled and talented HR manager I ever met along my career. I was her colleagues at “Clalit health services” HQ. Or managed the HR development wing. I found Or to be a trustworthy advisor, a very knowledgeable professional, with a broad range of capabilities. She is a natural leader, determined to achieve her goals. She is a team member and creating a very good working atmosphere. Or is one every manager wants to have in his most senior team"


Gadi Gilon, Founder, Chairman and Business Development Mobisec Technologies"‏

״I had the honor of working with Or in both of her last possessions. Or was my client as HR while I was an OD consultant hired by the Company to work with Senior Management. Or impressed me as a very steady and professional leader. She was an exigent client always knowing exactly what she wanted. CEO and Senior management in both organizations had much respect for her, valued her opinion and trusted her plans. Or was open to innovative ideas and professional dares. One of the strongest characteristics of Or is her down-to-earth, "no nonsense" stand. My belief is Or is a valuable partner to any Leading Team.״


Lucia Kerpel, Head of HR Division at Sugat

״Or Arieli is a creative, determined and a truly bright manager who led senior commanders to the highest performance. A great team member and an inspiring colleague."


Amira Raviv, Manager at Amira Raviv Consulting

״I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Or for 8 years at Nestle Israel. Or is an outstanding leader, that always maintained a clear sense of purpose.
Or is detail-oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objectives. It is a great privilege to work with Or. I have found her to be a pleasant, generous person who is always ready to be an honest partner who empowers the people and helps to create the most professional, clear way to take on the challenges. ״


Sarah Bechor, AoPL - Art of Participatory Leadership, AoH - Art of Hosting, WC - World Cafe, OST - Open Space technology

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