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People are at the heart of any business venture and activity.

Achieving outstanding results requires the ability to inspire, motivate and empower people to invest their efforts and imagination in a common goal of excellence. This can only be achieved in an environment of trust and support. Creating this environment is the true role of leadership in management.

My objective is to use my skills, talents and considerable experience in MNC & local organizations in which i will be able to help people & companies grow and develop.

  • HR management consulting

  • Strategic recruitment

  • Management Development

  • Trusted Advisor

  • Management consulting

  • Organizational consulting​



Or is an exceptional, international HR Executive leader with a strong record of consistently achieving substantial organizational development goals within extremely complex operations.
She brings extensive experience in the creation and successful implementation of HR methodologies and development strategies at the global level together with the direction of cross-functional, multi-cultural teams. She has the natural ability to identify and cultivate key people and drive outstanding performance, combined with an entrepreneurial personality that thrives on challenge.
She constantly seeks out key “People & Change” projects, within dynamic organizations, that wish to maximize their market potential.

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The Executive Clinic – the only one of its kind!


Amira Raviv

Manager at Amira Raviv Consulting

Or Arieli is a creative, determined and a truly bright manager who led senior commanders to the highest performance. A great team member and an inspiring colleague.



Prof Ilan Meshoulam (Emeritus)

Faculty of Management, University of Haifa
Chairman of the Board of Israel Human Resource Society.

Or stood out among managers in the Israeli professional community as one who invested in thought and understanding the subjects of her work. She has excellent analytical abilities and a strategic view of the profession. Her professional approach has made her a sought-after lecturer at professional meetings and active in professional circles at a very high level.


Dror Litbak

Managing Director ,Experis Israel

Business Development MGS Israel

Manpower Group

I am happy to give Or my unreserved recommendation for the work she has done while we were working on a joint project. Or has accompanied us during the construction of one of the strategic services of our company, while providing ongoing support, and striving for uncompromisingly professional results throughout the process. Her vast experience has been evident from the outset. Or has identified the areas where we needed to change so that we would be able to express our competencies and strengths and make that leap required to get us to the next professional stage that was so necessary for the Company. Or is a true partner who can contribute greatly to senior executives in any organization.




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Or Arieli- Someone To Think With

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